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Carolina Self Defense

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Carolina Self Defense Time, talk and tactics, are basic foundational conceptions of developing a personal self-defense strategy. Take the time to learn and transform the self, and all its multidimensional complexity, into a more enlightened version of the original template. The primal scheme of oneself should evolve productively and progressively, and yet, most of us don’t bother changing very much. By intensive introspection every moment of every day, one strives to assert the energetic transformation of his or her mind. By which the body, its physicality, changes. Or, if not, the totality of the individual mutates and not in a good way. A devolving nature unfolds. And yet, the mind is an illusion that is self-created by the brain’s holistic effort to comprehend, understand and mature.

In the personal art of self-defense for self-survival, defensiveness means well-thought training, practices and procedures for individual development. It is a process by which one changes himself or herself for unique differentiated betterment. The individual mindset does not care what others think or do or believe. Liberation of the self is of primary concern. Enslavement has close affinity for the expectations of unmerited entitlement. Each moment of life is a grateful appreciation of time. Carolina Self Defense

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While cattle and sheep graze, the watch dog keeps the watch. He or she is ready, as unfriendly predators plot their schemes. Defensive anticipatory mental alacrity anticipates the decisiveness for personal insight about human nature. One can easily ignore the rigorous of learning and enjoy the gluttony of immediate gratification. However, ignorance in the practice of persistent stupidity invites the peril of sudden finality. There’s always a tug of war between life and death. To avoid the challenges of self-discipline and personal sufficiency, risks deadly consequences. Carolina Self Defense

Time is of the essence, talk is of extraordinary value, and tactics remain essential to proper individual fitness in dealing with the confrontations of life. In the art and the craft of self-defense, there are many aspects to be understood. Utmost in this realm is the necessity for mastery of oneself. Appeals to pitiful excuses are mental treacheries to avoid being a credible and responsible human being. Defensive tactics along this line of thinking has many applications, from work to recreation to social survival. When it comes to protective countermeasures, it involves mind-body integration.

Mental preparedness is crucial to developing and ultimately evolving one’s psychodynamic focus for the art of self-defense. It’s a totality of living and thriving in close connection to other people. Such invites learning about things like spatial alacrity, visual acuity, interpersonal proxemics, body language and so forth. As used here, the word “defensive” should not be misconstrued. Some might consider the term as regressive, non-assertive or even passive. Others prefer words like offensive tactics and whatever might convey readiness. But, instead, it should be viewed as the totality of psychological, as well as physical, overall fitness to prevail in any given setting.

Defensiveness should not be misunderstood, but seen as common sense and imagination unleashed to be creative. Generally, the concept is about personal protection, security, resistance, cover and concealment and many other aspects. Because humans cannot be trusted absolutely and perfectly, precautions are always necessary. Threats come in various forms, from the very subtle to the dangerously overt. Bullies show up in all sizes and shapes using varied ploys and schemes. There are mind games and psychologically abusive ploys, as well physical intrusions into personal space. And, it’s up to you as to what response thought necessary for each unique situation.

People act stupid for a lot of different reasons. Human beings enjoy being irresponsible, slothful, gluttonous and selfish. Most often such antics concern emotional immaturity, as many do not make an effort to grow up. In communal connections, environmental encounters extend from habitat to hallowed halls of academia. From the office to the playground, the boardroom to the stockroom, it’s about dealing with an array of human interactions. So, the art of self-defense means learning, practicing and employing a range of tactics, depending upon the situation. In addition to mental maturity in building confidence and focus, one must consider the opposition. Carolina Self Defense

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Opposing forces could be anyone at any place you happen to be. Sometimes, the interaction may be simply a matter of “verbal jujitsu”. On another occasion, the meeting could require more physical intervention in addition to the mental component. Time may be quickly decisive or drawn out, as in a work related meeting of some sort. Talk could encompass the clever wit by which you outwit the adversary. Since many people miss subtle innuendo and metaphorical implications, the odds are in your favor. Most people practice stupidity by way of myriad fallacies of inference.

In the art of self-defense in a devolving world, being vigilant at all times is a matter of social survival tactics. Surviving in a post-modern “feel good” society, where pop culture means simplistic thinking for immediate gratification, you have to be alert. It means practicing real-world defensive measures to deal with critical threats on diverse levels of interaction. Such is a matter of both psychological and physical “warfare”. By seemingly skillful application of social position, language and gesture, clever and cunning people can sound very convincing, even though they likely are deceptive and dishonest.

Take the ongoing “gun debate” for example, or any serious effort to exhibit proactive defensive countermeasures. Extraordinary mythological nonsense of faulty conjecture abounds among the “anti-gun” advocates. Most people operate in that manner in the first place. That is, they are quite deficient in applying logically deductive reasoning. Critical thinking, innovative tactics and creative actions are mostly devoid of consistent presence in every day discourse. By slothful and gluttonous means, most people just lumber through their wakeful existence, hour by hour, day by day. Carolina Self Defense

Meanwhile, so called “smart people” can be stupid, aggressive and dangerous, offering serious threats to other around. Some even get to make decisions about public policy, which is very scary and yet an ominous reality. They do not have to use physical presence to intimidate others. They try to use their thinking processes. Fortunately, with focused confidence, training and discipline regularly applied daily, one can outwit the witless. In time, with “x-ray” vision of skeptical intuitiveness, one can overcome the foolishness of the arrogant and see through the folly.

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Just as treacherous as a physical threat is the “smart bully” who thinks he or she can violate your personal boundaries of mind and body. As bullying people come in all size, shapes and situations, you have to be creative in outsmarting them. While some of them come from the hallowed halls of academia, allegedly as “peers”, some live in the holy hallways of elected offices. These types are particularly insidious. As such, the concept of personal safety and defensive tactics transitions to the situation. Carolina Self Defense

Predators are in the workplace, recreational landscapes, the entertainment venues, the neighborhood and any place else there are people. You never escape them and they show up when you least expect them. While evil will never be eliminated, learning to cope with it maturely is a matter of psychophysical defensive countermeasures.

The practiced determination of calm control of all your senses must remain spirited effort of self-transformation. Adversity is what others create, innovation and maturity is what you self-evolve. For the adversaries, be alert and wary of their use of emotive words, fake analogies, fanciful but unimaginative stories, off-color jokes, scapegoating and uninspiring foolishly contrived metaphors. Most often, they act stupid on purpose to escape moral responsibility and later held accountable for their actions.

Carolina Self Defense

Foolish, immature, arrogant and unevolving people are the symbolic representation of the “zombie apocalypse” that surrounds us. They are the majority of the selfish and self-entitled people who contribute to the eventual demise of the human species. For the most part, you go about your day, mind your own ways, and stay tactically prepared to deal with any threats to your self-being. Likewise, stand ready to safeguard those in your care, or those with whom you have bonded in a mutual alliance.

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Each day is one in which practical social survival skills are assessed, evaluated and upgraded as necessary. From critical thinking skills to newer resources considerations, you ponder your evolving state of mind. You have to be mentally disciplined and prepared to take action. As with bullying behaviors, such things become a matter of gamesmanship. Nowadays, it doesn’t take much to be smarter than the average person. You outplay, outlast and out maneuver the opposition at every opportunity.

Many will try all kinds of things to mislead your sensory capacities. Humans are adept at deception, trickery and swindles of every type. Once emotionalism is allowed to over-ride rationality, a coordinated and disciplined response becomes challenging. A particular the situation can devolve quickly. We have to keep in mind that the “enemy” can be anyone, anywhere and especially yourself by way of self-doubt and hesitation. To say that you must “know your enemy” also means you must look in the mirror.

A self-evolving nature is hard work. Training is a daily investment, and thinking about training is a serious commitment. No matter what the environment, the setting or the situation, survivability is a matter of changing one’s thinking processes. You focus on adapting and improvising, while being shrewdly cognizant of your surroundings at all times. The primacy of thinking is critical in all things you do. A person can be a warrior by virtue of many different perspectives. You endeavor to endure and prevail against the obstacles and the opposition. You grow up and overcome yourself. Carolina Self Defense

Focus on your cognitive skills on a healthy sense of skepticism and vigilance. Personal safety and self-defense capabilities are enhance by a realistic outlook toward other people. At any given moment, anyone in the population around you may become aggressive, violent and extremely dangerous. Your maturely grownup efforts are to translate into a more self-evolved completeness.

With a keen sense of mental alacrity and visual acuity everywhere, you energies are devoted to a wiser realm of personal transformation. You want to be ready at a moment’s notice, to commence evasive actions. When things go bad, and things get dark, you must rely on yourself. Primarily, you are on your own and must know what to do.

There may be others you might trust, but caution is warranted for any alliances you think about forming. If you’re a so called prepper, for instance, consider you’re your preparation options are going to be. Nonetheless, always exercise attentiveness, because anyone is capable of turning on you in a brief period of time.

In civilian society, where you thought you might rely on neighbors, or coworkers, don’t plan on it. If possible, have a partner, with whom you practice possible occurrences and develop strategies. Keep in mind that nothing is foolproof, except the fool who tricks you. In addition, each day have a basic checklist for protective measures.

Readiness is important, thinking is vital, confidence is essential, as well as the initiation of actions necessary to stay safe. From driving to work, going shopping, or inside a building, no matter where, or what you are doing, consciousness goes beyond routine forming habits. You think outside the normal framework. Distractions in a techno age of infotainment are diverse and noisy. You listen in your silence.

Get beyond the noise and remain focused. Never under estimate the probability of the number of “stupid” people everywhere you go. Stupid means selfish, arrogant and greedy individuals or groups who take advantage of others. They may be desperate to sacrifice you for their survival, steal like street thugs or others trying to con you out of or into something. Stupidity is self-indulgent irresponsible slothful behavior.

It means selfish, temperamental, unevolved, pitiful, irresponsible and deceptive behaviors. “Stupid-ness” can be found in every lifestyle, and every place of work or worship. They may show up without warning and create problems for others. As such, they complicate the survivability of a given situation. Stupidity is dangerous.

Acting in selfishly arrogant and uncreative ways, no matter the lifestyle, is counterproductive to a species supposedly advancing. Instead, the human race remains purposefully committed to its self-destruction. In a very short period of time, perhaps another century, many signs point to a final demise of humankind. For the interim, those valiant few who seek the laborious quest of personal transformation will endeavor to ensure their own change and eventual liberation. Selfishness is irresponsible.

Once again thinking is critical in all aspects of individual interaction. It is self-directed to deeper more meaning levels of “mindfulness”, and the pure inner willfulness alters the personality. Within, it is that which stirs the internal intensity of transforming oneself to higher states of ascendency. As mentioned before, time, talk and tactics are basic to a hierarchy of upward thoughtful mobility in personal transition. Intuitively, one strives to be an extraordinarily more divergent version of the original existence. Carolina Self Defense

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Self-defense, or defensive tactics, whatever one might elude or conclude, is very personal and depends upon individual characteristics, as well as attendant environmental conditions. Such is very much a creative process by which the singular development of personal innovation, protection of individual privacy, and daily training strengthens the solitude of protective individuality. Always, as a constant, the necessity of balance, awareness and cohesiveness of insight, serve to fortify the quiet determination of one who is willing to be different. To transform proactively, with sincere self-reliance, means an individualized persistence to be well differentiated from others.

By various means, strategies, self-discipline and mature thinking processes, an individual liberates himself or herself from dependence on others. Countermeasures and survivability require thoughtful practice and application. At any given point in time, wherever one might travel, adverse events may occur. One must be prepared to do what is necessary to avoid or otherwise evade dangerous situations.
If traveling in a “pack”, or a “herd”, or for that matter any type of crowded conditions, the surrounding situation may become adverse to your well-being. When emotions escalate, logic and reason dissipate. Perceptions often deteriorate to the primal levels of selfishness by which atrocious behaviors satisfy immediate gratifications. Focus and concentration, without distractions, remain necessary, along with attentiveness to conserving one’s personal safety. Vigilance is critical.

As an art form, defensiveness is a never-ending development of skill sets in a grown up learning processes. You take the time to learn, observe and interpret with clarity the transitions that are unfolding around you. In an age of anti-intellectualism, widespread unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, and the debasing devolution of magical thinking, and you discover that anyone is capable of anything anywhere. With the rise of superstitious and extreme ideological beliefs, reinforced by intentional gullibility, it is important to pay attention to verbal and physical behaviors at all times.

Individually and privately, you develop your own set of mental and physical tools, in order to instill a diverse means of tactical capability. As social acceptance is more inclined to embrace a “dumbing down” of quick and easy superficiality of thinking, rationality calls for sober appraisal of current trends. Of late, there are increasing examples of child-like immaturity that degrade the prospects of an evolving society. Post-modern culture has all the indications of eventual collapse.

Most people will not change and choose to remain stagnant in very immature phases of abject selfishness. This majority of the population is potentially dangerous in a variety of ways. They are easily frightened, feel entitled, blame others for their slothfulness, and want simple answers to complex issues. One must not underestimate the number of stupid self-serving people in any group at any particular time and place. A certain number of them will be a debilitating problem to the few who exercise the precision of logical application, provided the circumstances at hand. Panic will trump logic.

Every day for the sake of tactical preparedness and responsive readiness, creative self-talk assess real-world probabilities. Based on individually initiated discovery, investigative efforts confront the realities of down to earth practicalities. Self-defense remains a matter of personal choices and exercises contingent on individual needs and interests. Self-defense is applied on many levels of socio-economic interactivity. Carolina Self Defense

From the very personal familial incursions upon one’s confidentiality, to the workplace setting of power relationships. The examples of devolving foolishness are rampant, oftentimes covert, and sometimes overt. As such, those prone to preparation, endeavor to ascend to a higher state of wisdom, built upon the changing foundation of personal growth in extraordinary maturation. One never ceases to learn and train in the humility of achieving the solitude of selflessness, and the protectiveness of self-reliance.
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